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An online tutoring company for dental hygiene and dental assisting students internationally! Andrea Majewski has 13 years experience and with a current 99.4% success rate, Dentalelle can and WILL help you pass the board exam :).  More than a self-study program - we help you every step of the way!  Case studies are reviewed weekly and all live sessions recorded for viewing anytime.

Welcome to Dentalelle!

99.4% Success Rate!
with Andrea Majewski, RRDH


Coming late February 2019!  Pre-order now to get the SALE PRICE.
MOCK EXAM REVIEW --> at your fingertips!

In-Person Board Exam Prep Review Event

Kitchener ON or London ON - interested?  Please let me know!!  I'm thinking 1-2 days of full board exam prep review - every topic, to make sure you PASS THE EXAM :).

April or May - please click below to let me know!

UPDATE >>> Not so easy to secure a location, may not happen until end of 2019 :(


99.4% Success Rate Helping Students Pass!

Full support by Andrea until you pass, guaranteed!


Andrea helped me gain my confidence back!  I was unsuccessful at the board exam twice, but with her help and The Board Exam Prep Academy - I finally passed!
Lisa S.
I PASSED!!  Andrea THANK YOU!  Your dedication to all students is amazing!
Carmen A.
All I wanted were mock exams and case studies - and Andrea provided so much more!  The Board Exam Prep Academy helped me pass the board exam!
Morgan K.

Mock Exam Package - Dental Hygiene Students

SALE on mock exam packages! 45 questions with answers, and case study at the end to test your knowledge

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Dentalelle Academy App Pre-Release

Dentalelle's Board Exam Prep App prepares dental hygiene and assisting students for the board exam! Canadian and American board exam study questions. Get the sale...

View course $23.99 CAD

Dental Hygiene Board Exam Prep Academy

Sign up for the FULL Board Exam Prep Course and get access to all materials, videos, case studies and mock exams to prepare yourself for...

View course $379.50 CAD

Dental Assisting Board Exam Prep Academy

Sign up for the FULL Board Exam Prep Course and get access to all materials, videos, case studies and mock exams to prepare yourself for...

View course $379 CAD

Dental Hygienist Quality Assurance Study Guide

A full course of online training with powerpoint documents and mock exams, teaching you exactly what you need to study to pass your quality assurance...

View product $115.75 CAD

Dental Assisting Student Program

Dental Assisting students currently enrolled in their program and who need extra tutoring help. Project assistance, time management, exam help, quizzes and general guidance

View course $394 CAD

5 Week Study Guide with Mock Exams

A full 5 week plan to study for the board exam! Includes mock exams and powerpoint lecture files.

View course $250 CAD

Mock Exam Video Sessions + Study Guide

Gain full access to all mock exam sessions for 2017, 2018, and current 2019 videos.

View course $300 CAD

Dental Hygiene Full Resource Manual

The Dental Hygiene FULL Reference Manual for newly graduated dental hygienists. The full manual is 104 pages and includes all you need to know to...

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DAANCE Study Guide

Learn at your own pace and get full access inside the membership. This course is meant to be used with your main study guide and...

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Mobile RDH Academy

Mobile RDH Academy is a full eCourse for dental hygienists to start and develop their Independent Dental Hygiene Practice! This consists of videos, documents, live...

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Dentalelle RDH

This course is for newly graduated dental hygienist's, and any hygienist who wants a refresher. An amazing video course with everything a dental hygienist needs...

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10 Steps to Your Practice in 60 days

How to start your independent dental hygiene practice in 60 days - even if you have no idea where to start!

Dental Hygiene Student Academy

Full access while in school - until graduation! For students freshly enrolled in their dental hygiene program! Full support, networking with other students online, project...

View course $394.75 CAD

Dental Assisting Board Exam Prep in 7 Days

Free board exam preparation in 7 days - delivered right to your inbox! For dental assisting students.

Local Anesthetic Exam Package

This full package goes over a brief history, allergies associated, emergencies, different types of anesthetics, pH discussion and membranes. Includes two mock exams and PDF...

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