Board Exam Review Session by Andrea Majewski - Dentalelle

Board Exam Review Session


Stocking stuffer idea anyone?  December 23rd I will be hosting a LIVE board exam review session online - only $19! (regular $99 value!).

A full one hour session going over what you NEED to know for the exam, what you DO NOT need to know (so don't bother wasting your time studying for it), case studies examples, mock exam questions, critical thinking review, and a discussion at the end.  This will be recorded for everyone who registers for the event, so even if you can't attend live, you can listen/watch it afterwards!

What's included?

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Dec Board Exam Review Session
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What does this include?

A full one hour LIVE review with Andrea - she will be discussing case study questions, mock exam type questions, help with critical thinking (always a tricky part of the exam!), discussing what you DON'T have to study (so you don't waste your time), and a discussion at the end to ask Andrea any questions!  Session will be recorded for later viewing if you cannot attend LIVE.

What is the cost?

Only $19!  Regular $99 value.  December 23rd at 7pm EST is the date/time and will be fully recorded.

How do I sign up?