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An amazing video course with everything a dental hygienist needs to know! Recording keeping, infection control, life of a dental hygienist, perio, soft tissue management, and more...

What's included?

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What's Inside...
Full course includes:
Welcome Inside Dentalelle RDH!
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I'm New
Free Portfolio Review!
What Makes a Good Hygienist? From a Dentist's Perspective!
Makeup I Use for Work! Day in the Life of a Dental Professional
Rock Your First Dental Interview!
How A New Dental Hygienist Can Sound Like a Pro! - Dentalelle Tutoring
How to Stay On Time in the Dental Office
New Dental Hygienist's - Your First Day on the Job!
New Dental Hygienists How to Stay Organized
What I've Learned About the Dental Profession in 14 Years
Rock your First Dental Interview!
Should You Get Paid for a Working Interview?
Ontario - Avoid These Portfolio Errors
20 mins
The Real Stuff
Looking for a Raise?
Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Students - What To Ask For Your Hourly Wage
Dentist Vs Dental Hygiene for Cleanings
Oil Pulling? What The Heck?
Male Dental Hygienists? A Yes or No?
Are Loupes Worth It?
Staff Calling in Sick Constantly at the Dental Office
What If Your Office Doesn't Pay You When Your Patient is a No Show?
Day In The Life
Your Nervous Patient - Day in the Life of a Dental Professional
Children with Horrible Oral Hygiene - Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
The 45 Min Appointment - Day in the Life of a Dental Professional
Oh No! Your Piezo Doesn't Work?? Day in the Life of a Dental Professional
Makeup I Use for Work! Day in the Life of a Dental Professional
Patients Need to Cut Us Some Slack!
Weirdo Patients! Day in the Life of a Hygienist
I'M Contagious?? What? Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
What I Bring to Work as a Dental Hygienist
Hygiene Life - The Patient Who Comes in for Local Anesthetic and Quad Scale
Day in the Life of a Hygienist - Patient's Think You Look Too Young? Too New?
Your Patient is Late? Now What? Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
How I Stay On Time! Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
They Need 3 Month Cleanings! Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
Calculus Has Been Left Behind?? Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienists Clean Teeth in Nursing Homes - How to Get Started and What to Expect!
How to Calculate PSR and What the Codes Mean
Oral Cancer - Signs and Symptoms
The Intraoral Camera I Use
Clinical Appearance of Gingivitis
Periodontal Case Types Explained the Easy Way
Periodontal Disease and the Pockets Explained
Periodontal Disease Explanation for your Patients
Cementoenamel Junction Percentages
NEW Staging and Grading for Periodontal Disease Explained
Tax Time
Taxes for Employees and Temp Hygienists
Tax Time for Dental Hygienists
The Fun Stuff
Charting Part I
Charting Part II
Piezo Scaler Review
My Super Quiet Polisher
X-Ray Taking
Radiograph Sequencing Session
Why Take Dental XRays? The Patient Edition by Dentalelle
Radiographic Processing Chemicals
Radiographic Interpretation by Dentalelle
Radiography Mock Exam Session by Dentalelle
Soft Tissue Management Therapy HOW TO
Preventing and Reversing Gum Disease - Dentalelle Edition
How To Do a Quick Oral Cancer Screening
Sugar and Cavities? Prevention!
What is a Night Guard? Dentalelle Patient Edition
Infection Control
Sterilization and Monitoring
Mobile Practice
Dentalelle Mobile Hygiene - Another Week!
Dentalelle RDH Mobile Practice Lets Go!
Dentalelle RDH - Week 1
Week 2 - Starting My Own Mobile Practice!
Dentalelle RDH - Start Up Costs
Dentalelle RDH - $1600 chair vs $200?? Oh boy..
Ideas! So Many Ideas! Dentalelle RDH
It's HERE!! I'm Ready! Dentalelle RDH
Portable Unit from Aseptico for my Dentalelle Mobile Hygiene
Do You Want to Open Your Own Dental Hygiene Clinic! Let me Help!
Dentalelle Mobile Hygiene - some of my supplies!
My Dentalelle Mobile Hygiene Biz so far!
My Mobile Dental Hygiene Set Up!
6 Months Later in my Independent Dental Hygiene Practice - What I've Done Differently!
Dollarstore Unboxing for My Dental Practice
My Mobile Hygiene Organizing Tote

Dentalelle Tutoring

An online tutoring company for dental hygiene and dental assisting students internationally! Andrea Majewski has 14 years experience and with a current 99.4% success rate, Dentalelle can and WILL help you pass the board exam :).  More than a self-study program - we help you every step of the way!  Case studies are reviewed weekly and all live sessions recorded for viewing anytime.
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