30 Day Dental Hygiene Boards Review

Are you ready?  Our full 30 day dental hygiene boards review IS HERE!!  Get full access NOW for a bonus practice exam with 85 slides.


What does this course include?

A full 30 days (4 weeks) of board exam prep!  Kick start your studying and make sure you know EVERYTHING you need to PASS.  You get detailed study material on what to study each week - including trackable mock exams, lecture videos, and modules on all topics.

How does this course work?

EVERYTHING is released right away - all materials available once you sign up!  Track able quizzes, lecture videos, modules and answer/rationale videos explaining why the answers are MOST correct.  

What if 30 days isn't enough for me?

You have full access to this course for 6 months, so take your time :).  Andrea is always available for full support.

PASS the first time!

This is the perfect course if you have limited time left to study.  Learn everything you need in a fast paced 30 day intense prep course!
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