Express Dental Assisting Boards Review by Andrea Majewski - Dentalelle

Express Dental Assisting Boards Review

Express board exam prep at it's finest!  A FULL 6 MONTH ACCESS to everything you need to pass the exam!


Not sure what to study?
Not sure how to study?
Want to pass the FIRST time?
99.4% success rate in helping students pass the board exam - for the past 14 years!

Mock Exams + Lecture Videos!

Includes mock exams on all topics, lecture videos, and power points to help you study.  No more textbooks needed!


Will this help me pass the board exam?

Yes!  This course is for the students who want an intense review for 6 months, or take less time if you get through the material quicker :).

What does this course include?

A full course material of mock exams on all topics pertaining to the boards, lecture videos, community of online dental assisting students to network with, and power point documents for quick-review studying.  EVERYTHING is released right away - all materials available once you sign up!  Track able quizzes, lecture videos, modules and answer/rationale videos explaining why the answers are MOST correct.  

Who is this course for?

This course is for US and Canadian dental assisting students who want to pass the board exam!