Online Portfolio Workshop with Dentalelle

Don't let your portfolio stress you out!  Learn the tricks of the trade and get organized easier and quicker!  Join Dentalelle's Portfolio Workshop --> 


  • FREE submission to us to review your portfolio and we give you a detailed audit.  Sign up by November for the Portfolio Workshop with Dentalelle to get this extra bonus!  Don't worry - your portfolio doesn't have to be completed until December for this extra perk :).

No Stress! Get Your Portfolio Done in a Month!

What you get

  • Access to free webinars (lots of em!) and more each month
  • Unlimited portfolio help - email us anytime :)
  • FREE submission to us to review your portfolio and we give you a detailed audit

The SMILE portal will be explained to you in detail and we go through how to start, how to get organized, and how to maintain your portfolio.


After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop learning goals and how it relates to practice
  • Locate any practice deficiencies and how you implement this into your portfolio (if issues cannot be fixed immediately)
  • Review CDHO Standards of Practice
  • How to choose appropriate CDI activities
  • How to take notes after webinars to make use of the full hours learned
  • How to organize your portfolio properly
  • How to save time in writing your portfolio
  • How to avoid common errors
  • Practice all appropriate documents and writing your portfolio
  • Goal writing and topic assistance
  • ..AND MORE

Easier than I thought!

The portfolio workshop is easy to follow, I could do it on my own time, and so much easier than I thought!  A huge thank you to Dentalelle.
Kelsey S
My colleagues stressed about their portfolio but NOT ME!  This Portfolio Workshop makes it stress-free.
Mark P.
I had to re-do a few hours after not successfully passing my audit (very complicated case).  Dentalelle didn't hesitate to help me ASAP and walk me through what to submit.  Without their help, I would have been a huge stress ball!
Jules G.