Dental Hygienist Quality Assurance Study Guide by Andrea Majewski - Dentalelle

Dental Hygienist Quality Assurance Study Guide

Quality Assurance Study Guide for the RDH


Who is this course for?

Dental Hygienist's taking the CDHO Quality Assurance Exam.

What is the success rate?

So far (since 2016) 100% of RDH's who have taken this course have passed the exam.  

How long will this course take me to study?

Study time depends on your schedule.  It can take you two weeks or 2 months to study based on how quickly you can go through the materials.  CDHO recommends 75 hours of study time to prepare for the exam.

Does this course include the new guidelines?

Yes!  This course is continuously being updated when new materials are released.

Is there a guarantee to pass?

You have full access to the entire course for 6 months.  If you don't pass the exam after taking this course, you have full access to all materials at no extra charge, and full support by Andrea until you do pass!

Do I have to pay all at once?

No you don't - I now offer a payment plan that you can pay over 3 months if you prefer.  Credit card charges will happen over the 3 months and be shown as 'Dentalelle'

What's included?

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Module 1
Record Keeping
4.79 MB
Module 2
Professionalism + Ethics + WHIMIS..
188 KB
1.15 MB
Mock Exam
308 KB
Module 3
Pharmacology + Drugs...
1.4 MB
Mock Exam
167 KB
Module 4
Vitals + Medical Emergencies
893 KB
Updated ** Anesthetic Lecture
458 KB
Updated ** Anesthetic Properties + Questions
516 KB
Mock Exam
191 KB
Module 5
9.95 MB
Mock Exam
705 KB
Module 6
Module 6 Community.pptx
210 KB
Mock Exam
278 KB
Module 7
Health and Safety
207 KB
CDHO IPAC Guidelines
2.51 MB
Mock Exam
166 KB
Good Luck!
Final Mock Exam
2.1 MB
Sensitive Practice - Abuse Victims
591 KB
Registrants Handbook
4.79 MB
IPAC Guidelines - Infection Control
2.34 MB

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