Teeth Whitening Business Training

Be Your Own Boss!

Your friends and family will be lining up to be your first clients!  Who doesn't want white teeth?!  

Make $200+ per person, each hour!

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Online and in-person classes with a certificate of completion at the end!

1.  Online class - materials available upon registration
2.  In-Person Training in St Thomas Ontario and/or Guelph Ontario classes - 4 hour class (client's provided for student practice or bring your own!)
3.  All equipment and materials provided for 10 clients to kick-start your business
4.  Certificate of completion awarded
5.  Continued support throughout your teeth whitening business

  • *Andrea Majewski, RRDH has 15 years experience in the dental profession, has her own independent dental hygiene practice and online tutor for students.

Course Info

Become your own boss and start your teeth whitening business!  You will be taught how to start your own home office business or mobile teeth whitening.  You can charge $200+ per client and give them what they wish for; sparkly white teeth! 

Learn how to whiten teeth safely, infection control practices, different whitening products, equipment needed, marketing, business practices, client management, and social media. 

Includes an online component and hands-on training. We provide the clients during in class training or bring your own!  Certificate of completion available after all components completed.

Evening and weekend classes available.  Online component available as soon as you register!

This full course includes all equipment and products needed to see your first 10 clients!


Thank you!  The online component is so easy to follow and you will learn everything you need!
Perfect for total beginners and even as a refresher. I will be recommending all my students take this course!
I got tired of working the 8-6pm hours of a dental hygienist, now I can start my own thing and make more money!
Everyone wanting white teeth is so true - I had a full schedule when I first started my whitening business.  Thank you Andrea for all your support!

Teeth Whitening Course Info

I have been a dental professional and online educator for the past 15 years!  

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